lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011


Another recent shooting, this time with the lovely Rebeca Saray and David Lopez as assistant wearing some amazing outfits  from designers as Bibian Blue or Penélope Almendros. I love the fashion and edgy feeling of the pics...I´m a fashion phantom!

 Photography by Rebeca Saray, Make-up: Rebeca Saray, Fascinator: Bibian Blue

Photography by Rebeca Saray, Make-up: Rebeca Saray

 Photography by Rebeca Saray, Make-up: Rebeca Saray, Fascinator: Bibian Blue

Photography by Rebeca Saray, Make-up: Rebeca Saray, Stilism: Penélope Almendros

Photography by David Lopez, Make-up: Rebeca Saray



Recent shooting with  Laura Thomas. Make-up and hair are done by Alba Hernandez  and I wear a lovely dress designed by  Jacq The Rimmel


Recently I had the pleasure of participate in the fashion show of the Barcelona Fetish Weekend, modelling an amazing RubberLuv latex design
I felt like a latex mermaid ^^

Photography by Tentesion

Recientemente tuve el placer de participar en un desfile dentro de la I Barcelona Fetish Weekend, con un precioso vestido de latex de los diseñadores RubberLuv.
Aqui os dejo una foto:


Born in 1954, in Matsue (Japan), Hiroshi Nonami graduated from the Osaka Photography Academy in 1974  and founded his Studio "No-ah" in 1979.

Nacido en 1954, en Matsue (Japón), Hiroshi Nonami se graduó en la Escuela de Fotografía de Osaka en 1974 y fundó su estudio "No-ah" en 1979

 Since then he have published six photobooks (“Abyss” 1993,  a photo book of the Music Group Luna Sea 1995, “Eureka” 1995, “Chaos” 1997,  a photo book of actress Makiko Esumi 1999, and “Mousa” 2005) and his work have been internationally featured and exhibited.

Desde entonces ha publicado seis libros de fotografías (“Abyss” 1993, un libro de fotos para el grupo musical Luna Sea 1995, “Eureka” 1995, “Chaos” 1997,  un libro de fotografías de la actriz Makiko Esumi 1999, y “Mousa” 2005) y su trabajo ha sido exhibido internacionalmente.

Far from what you can think at first sight, his work is totally analogic and handmade and to achieve the effects of his photographies he uses different techniques from smoke or fine fabrics in front of the lens to letting mold grow on the film (to create stains and patterns)

Lejos de lo que podría parecer a primera vista su trabajo es totalmente analógico y artesanal y para conseguir los efectos de sus fotografías utiliza distintas técnicas, desde utilizar humo o finos tejidos delante del objetivo hasta dejar crecer moho en la película (para crear manchas y dibujos) 

  Her work is full of an onric and mystic beauty, a beauty even disturbing and with an otherwordly feeling.

Su trabajo está lleno de una belleza mística y onírica, una belleza a menudo incluso inquietante y perturbadora, de otro mundo.